Pro-Pets Club T&Cs

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Abivale Veterinary Group, Foxcotte Veterinary Group, Manor Vets and Vale Vets are all part of Pro-Vets Group Ltd family.

What you get

Table of benefits Puppy or Kitten Adult Dog or Cat
Vaccination Primary Course plus a 50% discount on Kennel Cough vaccinations Booster plus a 50% discount on Kennel Cough vaccinations
Flea treatment 12 month supply 12 month supply
Worm treatment 12 month supply 12 month supply
Microchip Half price Half price
Consultation One free per policy year One free per policy year
Free monthly weight checks with a nurse Yes Yes
Free nail clipping and anal gland expression with a nurse Yes Yes
25% off lifestage pet food Yes Yes
25% off weight management diets Yes Yes
20% off neutering Yes Yes

On average clients save over £400*

*when using all benefits

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they access all the benefits included in their plan and clients will not be entitled for a refund for unused features.

Puppies and kittens are defined as under 6 months of age for the purpose of this plan. Animals over 6 months of age will need to take out an adult plan.

Vaccinations included are our standard primary course vaccinations (for puppies and kittens) or standard booster vaccinations (for adult cats and dogs). Pro-Pets Club standard vaccination protocol includes Zoetis vaccinations. Vaccines not manufactured by Zoetis or non-routine vaccinations including; Rabies, Herpes and any other nonroutine vaccinations are not included in the plan and additional charges at standard rates will apply.

If an adult animal joining the plan is unvaccinated or has lapsed in their vaccinations, the client will be entitled to receive the vaccination free of charge course as per the terms of the plan. Any additional vaccinations required will be charged at the normal price. Vaccination amnesty offers may be used in conjunction with Pro-Pets club.

Vaccination reminders will be sent out annually to the email address nominated on the client’s account.

Pro-Vets clinical staff will have absolute discretion over the medications provided under this plan.

Plans are pet specific. Benefits and plans are non-transferable between pets or clients.

Payment Terms

Monthly Premiums  
Kitten £11.90
Cat £11.90
Puppy £12.50
Small dog up to 10kg £12.50
Medium dog 11kg - 25kg £14.50
Large dog 26kg - 40kg £16.50
Giant dog 41kg and over £18.50

The client is required to pay 1 monthly payments in advance by cash or card at their chosen Pro-Vets clinic to activate the plan. From the second month of joining and every subsequent month thereafter the monthly fee will be collected by Direct Debit on the 1st, 15th or 28th (the client can choose) of every month from the client’s nominated bank account.

Direct debits will be collected by Animal Health Club and this is the name that will show on the client’s bank account statement.

If for any reason the Direct Debt fails, then Pro-Vets and or Animal Health Club will endeavour to contact the client to organise payment. Should we be unable to contact the client or payment not be made, the plan will be terminated after one missed payment. If goods received are of a higher value than payments made to the plan, then the client will be liable for the difference.

Pro-Vets reserves the right to increase the monthly premiums or change the benefits by giving the client one month’s notice via email. If the client does not accept the new premium the client has the right to terminate their plan giving 30 days notice, by writing to Pro-Vets within 2 weeks of being notified of the increase.

Normal payment terms still apply for all other items and services not included in the plan and payment is expected at the time of purchase. Should the client’s account with a Pro-Vets clinic fall into arrears the plan will be terminated with immediate effect.

Pro-Pets Club does not run in conjunction with any other offer.


The Pro-Pets Club is designed to be a rolling plan so renewal is automatic. The benefits included in the plan will automatically be replenished every year. There is normally a £1.50 renewal fee which is taken with the first direct debit of the new policy year. Animal Health Care will confirm this to the client in writing.

Puppies and kittens will automatically be transferred onto an adult plan at the time of the first renewal. The client will be notified by email and or in writing of the change in benefits and premiums associated with this.


The client will have 14 days from starting the plan to cancel it. After that the client, may cancel the plan at any time by giving 21 days notice in writing. Pro-Pets Club may cancel the plan at any time by giving the client one months notice. If goods received are of a higher value than payments made to the plan, then the client will be liable for the difference.

Pro-Pets Club reserves the right to terminate the plan with immediate effect if the client is in breach of any of the terms of this agreement.

In the sad event that the client’s pet passes away, Pro-Vets will cancel your plan with immediate effect upon notification by the client.

Direct Debit Guarantee

This guarantee is offered by all banks and building societies entered onto the Direct Debit Scheme.


All communications and notifications should be addressed to the Pro-Pets Club Administrator, 115 Kent Road, Halesowen, West Midlands, B62 8PB or via email to

Pro-Vets always aims to provide an excellent service. However, if you are unhappy with anything relating to the plan you are invited to put your complaint in writing to the same address.